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Our congratulations to the UK’s sole longest surviving newspaper dedicated to the black community, this year of 2022 celebrates no less than forty years in business since it’s first publication. Clariscia was honoured to receive an invitation to attend the celebration of their achievements, marked with an epically structured book charting the history of the many front covers they amassed over the period.
It was also a great opportunity for her to catch up with many friends, not seen for far too long, including the amazingly talented and super busy Lovers Rock Chantuese, Carol Thompson.
Clariscia was humbled to discover that her good self had also been featured on one of the early front covers of the Voice Newspaper back in 1982, having not long left fashion school training at the London College of Fashion, that cover marking issue number 8 of the paper.

This makes Clariscia as old as the Voice in business years, having then just started the brave journey of forging her own niche into the fashion business, at age 23 with her very first Atelier in Camberwell Green south London. What a privilege to now be etched into history with this entrepreneurial move of hers now listed in the book alongside the many others whom are included in it.
40 Years Of Black British Lives sees the work of four seasoned writers assigned with a decade each to document.

You can get your copy of the ground breaking book here;

Clariscia sends a big special thanks to all the team of the Voice Newspaper for their steadfast and continued support of the many members of the community, relayed in the stories within the book, whom regularly had no where else to turn in times of hardship. The Voice are exactly that, the peoples’ Voice.